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i tell you what, really nice guy as well. but look at this, presidential candidate, successful businessman and an entertainer. he might have it all when it comes to the republican nomination. >> the next "american idol." mark preston, thanks so much. we'll have your next political update in about an hour, and a reminder for all your political news, you can always go to >> i need to hear it. >> we played it earlier. he can sing. he's got some talent. i'm suzanne malveaux. i want to get you up to speed. three bombs exploded in capitol city mumbai. that is a city still on edge after terrorist attacks in 2008. the explosions killed at least 8 people and wounded at least 70. one blast targeted the upper house area but unclear at this time. it was just three years agatha
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hotels and other sites killed almost 7,000 people. mallika kapur joins us live from mumbai. first of all, tell us, i know there was a lot of people during rush hour. what do we know about this? what are you seeing? >> reporter: the explosions took place in three areas, three very, very busy commercial areas. they took place a little over an hour ago, three of them within 15 minutes of each other. we have heard from the prime minister just a few minutes ago, and he has confirmed there were three improvised devices used, and those are the ones that set off the blasts. before that was, they were still not sure what had caused the blasts. there was lots of speculation. but they say they were improvised devices that were used.
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there is a sense of fear in the streets at the moment. people still waiting to find out how many people have been injured, how many casualties. there are various reports at the moment because it's just been about an hour since these explosions took place. some reports say there could be as many as 100 people injured. people have been rushed to hospitals. we know in the last few minutes, india's highest security force, the nfg, which is the national security guard, that they have been deployed and they will be reaching the sites of the explosions as well. we have learned recently that improvised explosive devices were used in all three explos n explosio explosions. one of the explosions went off on a car, one on a motorbike, and a commander team is on their way at the moment. >> do we know who is responsible for these bombings? >> reporter: we do not. we absolutely do not know that at the moment, and the government is being very careful
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at the moment not to say too much. they have not even declared these terrorists attacks as of now. they have jumped on it, we have seen flashes across all the local channels that someone strikes mumbai once again. we have to repeat and make clear that the government has not categorized this as a terrorist attack yet. at the moment, nobody is speculating about who might be behind these attacks. it's still too early, and at the moment they're just focusing on getting people to hospitals, getting people out of these areas and making sure that mumbai residents are safe. people who are in offices have been told to remain in offices and get off the streets. people on the streets are desperately trying to get home or trying to contact one another, and that's becoming increasingly difficult because the communications are shutting down, and it's very difficult to reach people on the phone. everybody's cell phone lines appear to be jammed.
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>> okay. mallaki kapur, thank you for joining us. we'll get back to that news as it develops. they're meeting today, but republicans are nowhere near a deal to raise the debt ceiling. now a backup plan just in case to keep america from defaulting on its bills. republican leader mitch mcconnell wants to, in effect, turn over the authority to increase the debt ceiling to the president. we're going to explain that plan in just a minute. for now, president obama has an alarming warning about what could happen with social security. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it. >> that just isn't true. because the funds there for social security and these emergencies, the cash flow is good enough for that. if they really needed to, why don't they just quit sending the interest rate payments over to the federal reserve?
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no, i think he's using scare tactics. rupert murdoch's news corps today dropped plans to drop the pay tv service commonly known as bskyb. they couldn't get got approval in this climate. the british newspapers are accused of illegal eavesdropping and police bribery. the government investigation is going to explore the phone hacking scandal and the paper's ties to police and politicians. he also defended hiring former "news of the world" editor andy coulson. >> the decision to employ the editor, there was a number of people who said this wasn't a good idea, particularly when that editor was at "news of the world" when bad things happen. i accepted the assurances he gave me. those were assurances given to a
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court of law. if i was lied to, if others were lied to, that would be a matter of deep regret. >> the man accused of killing six people in tucson and wounding congresswoman gabrielle ginds can't be forced to take strong drugs. they were told it could make him competent to stand trial. but layoff noughner is presumed innocent and has the say over his body. police stopped king for driving under the influence. riots erupted in los angeles when a jury acquitted three officers in a beating of king in 1991. three sisters plan to file suit in utah today. this follows cody brown and four women he considers his wives.
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legally he's only married to one. the group is challenging utah's ban on bigamy, contending the state has no right to criticize that lifestyle. at this hour, advocates are urging the state to reduce the violence against women act. they are pressing the judiciary committee to act. >> there are 2 million women a year that are victimized, meaning that as we sit here today in the first hour of this hearing, if you do the math, 228 women are being victimized, they're being beaten, terrorized and intimidated as we sit here in the first hour all behind closed doors, all undoubtedly feeling very alone, and three of those women will be murdered today. >> the atlantis crew blasts into their day with elton john's
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"rocket man." ♪ oh, no, i'm a rocket man >> good morning, atlantis. suggestion success on your mission and a huge thank you -- >> the final launch of the atlantis is done. the hired men will be cleanup crews for the mission. they have a year's supply to unload and they will pack up some trash to bring back to earth. the u.s. women, yep, they're ready to rumble, ready to devour those french cream puffs. that's what we're talking about, the americans taking on france in the world cup. soccer semifinal in less than an hour. the u.s. women's team has never lost to france. if they win, they play in the sweden match on sunday. good luck. lawmakers for both parties head back to the white house today for the latest round on talks on raising the debt limit.
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but talks have stalled over efforts to cut spending. president obama pushed for the so-called grand bargain, $4 trillion in savings over ten years plus reforms in medicare and other hikes. republicans oppose any more tax hikes. led by vice president biden, $1.5 trillion in cuts negotiated. mitch mcconnell propose az fallback action. it allows president obama to raise the debt ceiling to keep america from default ing on its bills. kate, we're trying to lay this out so people can understand what's going on. how are the republicans reacting, first of all, to mcconnell's plan, this limited plan? >> well, suzanne, so far i can say the conservatives,
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especially, they seem to be more openly skeptical and critical of the mcconnell plan than we've heard from other areas on capitol hill, and here's why. the mcconnell plan gives the authority to president obama to essentially raise the debt ceiling, but it does not require, in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, an equal amount of spending cuts or even significant spending cuts. it only requires that the president kind of outline and lay out what spending cuts he would support in the equal amount of the debt ceiling raised in the increase he's requesting. that, of course, as you can understand, conservatives are very much against because that's really been one of their main arguments in this whole debate, is that we're trying to get our fiscal house in order, they say, and they want big spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. i will say, though, house republican leaders, they seem to at least be publicly more open to the idea. john boehner, the house speaker, even saying yesterday that he thinks mitch mcconnell has done very good work. we've also heard from some democrats, suzanne, that they
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seem to be open to the idea as well. one important point to make. while this doesn't require spending cuts, this mcconnell plan does have a catch. it would force very politically tough votes ahead of the 2012 election that republicans opposed to the debt ceiling could be on the record opposing, and also it's designed to then put the full responsibility of raising this debt ceiling of this new debt right in the lap of the president. there is some planning there. >> kate, how much do you understand what's going on here? obviously you've got the president, you have democrats, you have republicans, but republicans are even divided amongst themselves in this debate and it seems like there is a rift now between john boehner and eric canter. what is happening with the republican party during this debate? >> i want to say the rift was created because of this debate. there has been tension between the two offices, but here's what we know. we know house speaker john
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boehner had been in discussions about this grand bargain, this $4 trillion deal, that would have required, as we're told, some significant tax revenue, and we know very well eric canter was very opposed to that. but very quickly, john boehner and eric canter have been out repeatedly saying they are on the same page, really trying to tamp down any reports and speculation that there is a rift between the two offices. but a little bit of this might be a difference in style, if you will, suzanne. john boehner is known to be a deal maker, as you can see, in his talks with president obama. on the flip side, eric canter, a big rising star in this party, he has made a point to demonstrate he is really protecting the conservative ideals and the conservative part of their party. we'll have to see how that kind of works out. >> kate, thanks so much, kate. here's a run down of the stories we're covering in the next two hours. british party leaders take a stand against rupert murdoch. now he is dropping plans to buy
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the country's biggest satellite tv company. a bliserring heat wave moves south. 11 states are under heat advisories. now some crops are in danger. plus, are men finding jobs faster in this economy than women? that's what a new study suggests. and finally, casey anthony jury was split down the middle before selttling on a verdict. >> what convinced you and the five others to switch your votes to not guilty? >> i think everyone will tell you the same thing. rk faster anr so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go, fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad, and work securely around the world so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it's the android-powered phone that mixes business with pleasure. so let's get our work done, america, so we can all get back to playing "angry birds." the motorola expert from sprint. trouble hearing on the phone? visit
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pressure. we have learned that the company is not going to make a bid to buy out british satellite broadcaster bskyb. that is because of widespread public outrage over an ongoing phone hacking and bribery scandal. our dan rivers is in london with the latest. dan, give us a sense here. newscorps lost billions since the scandal broke. how much do we think this deal is soured by financial reasons, or how much of it is to keep the public happy? >> reporter: no, i think this is all about politics. this became untenable, really, for him to carry on with this deal when every single politician in the house of commons behind me was voting to block it. they were about to have a debate in which all of the major parties, or every single party in the house of commons, was in complete agreement that that deal should not go ahead, and it was against that backdrop just before that debate started that it was announced that newscorps
8:17 am
had withdrawn its bid. i think they just realized that it was not feasible to go ahead with this when you've got the prime minister, the leader of the opposition, and numerous other kind of celebrities and luminaries here in england saying it should not go ahead. against that backdrop, i think they realized it was way better to pull out now and maybe come back and fight another day in a few months' time. >> and dan, the lawyer for millie dower's family, she was the murder victim whose voice mail was hacked while she was missing and then found dead, what is the lawyer saying today about what they are looking for? >> reporter: well, millie dowler, this was the case of the murdered 13-year-old girl, and it was revealed her voicemail had been hacked into by journalists by one of the rupert murdoch's papers.
8:18 am
that's what caused this paper to really kind of explode nationally here and cause such an outrage. they have been in to meet the prime minister david cameron today. he's promised a full inquiry into this whole issue, and their lawyer, mark lewis, came out and made a statement today. here's what he said about that inquiry. >> the dowlers, the prime minister has announced a full judgment inquiry and are particularly pleased that politicians for all three parties have reacted so quickly in response to the outrage of the public in respect not only of millie but all the victims of such unlawful practices by the press. >> reporter: there is now a suggestion that this has gone sort of stateside as well with senator jay rockefeller saying if there is any evidence that these international papers or
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murdoch papers hacked into the voicemails of 9/11 victims that it would be taken very seriously. that has been one allegation, not proven yet, but it shows how this scandal keeps growing. >> dan, thank you. severe summer heat is gripping a huge trunk of the country. our rob marciano has some of the steamy details. he's live in piedmont park. hi, rob. whoa. it is just steaming out there. it's supposed to be hot in july, but this is pretty brutal, rob. >> well, the consistency of it and the amount of moisture that's in the air has really made it exceptionally brutal from the northeast all the way down to the southern plains. that oppressive nature of this heat wave has really made it just terribly uncomfortable for a lot of people, and the economic impact of this thing has been huge as well. just about everywhere across the south, especially, things are cooking. yes, it's hot enough to fry an
8:20 am
egg. it's so hot it even buckled this road and caused this water main to burst through the sidewalk. and it's been hot for a while in oklahoma city where temperatures have broken 100 degrees 18 of the last 20 days. >> it's hot outside but it's hotter in the house. >> reporter: a brief power outage in wichita, kansas makes a brief escape from the heat wave virtually impossible. but it's the economic impact that is hitting these texas farmers hard. the drought has dried up grass that cows eat. >> we're seeing so many people selling their entire herd, and that's like selling your factory. >> reporter: cotton and other crops aren't faring well either. even the famous ogallala aquifer may run dry in texas. grain elevators in this area stand empty and the economies in towns like happy, texas are depressed. originally named for its
8:21 am
oasis-like source for water, main street now resembles a western ghost town. lake meredith is the other big water source feeding 11 cities, including amarillo and lubbock. it's so hot and dry, the lake is slowly disappearing. >> the average loss of water from lake meredith is 100 inches. >> just from evaporation. >> just from evaporation. >> very hot and hazy areas building into the northeast. heat advisories are up for 11 states. the hottest of the hot, mississippi and parts of tennessee, where the heat index could soar to 116. we're seeing temperatures rise quickly across the south this morning, just dying for a little bit of a breeze here. let's break this down and talk drought first off. texas still getting the brunt of it. there hasn't been a whole lot of moisture the past three or four months. they're in exceptional drought. this is a drought they haven't seen, really, since back in the dust bowl, and there is not a whole lot of rain in sight there. there will be some moderation of
8:22 am
this heat, though. we've already seen that somewhat. the northeast is a little bit cooler and a little bit dryer than it was yesterday, at least as humidity goes, but at least 11 states across the southern two-thirds of the country or southern third of the country under heat advisories or heat warnings right now. highs today in dallas, texas, not including the humidity, measured in the shade, may very well reach the 100-degree mark once again. here in atlanta, georgia 96 degrees, but places like chicago and new york that have had their share of hot weather as well, we'll see moderating temperatures. we'll see moderating temperatures closer to the weekend, but today and tomorrow dangerously hot. places like atlanta where oyou'e got the heat coupled with the pollution, air quality very, very bad, so folks are telling people if you have any strenuous activity do it in the morning or the evening, of course. you've got those road crews out there getting it done all day long, so give them a break if you can, and if you're heading
8:23 am
out, drink a lot of water and try to stay cool. >> thanks, rob. try to stay cool out there. the recession hit hard for men in the workplace but now they're regaining jobs a lot faster than women. the so-called man recession may be ending but the so-called chief recovery seems to be stalled.
8:24 am
8:25 am
cnn's lead story, rupert murdoch's company drops dead. it's going to end pursuit of bskyb after phone hacking. check the dow jones. it's now up is 158 points or so. following that very closely. some of the media called the
8:26 am
downturn the man recession because men lost jobs faster than women. now according to a recent study, men are regaining jobs faster while women are still losing ground. that calls a big question to why the recovery is off to such a slow start. allison joins us to talk about all this. allison, all these words, she-covery, mancession. >> men are from mars, women are from venus. there's a huge disparate. look at the two years since we've been out of the recession. men have gained 768,000 jobs. guess what? women lost $2218,000 jobs. health care is traditionally
8:27 am
places where women work and men are gaining jobs at a faster pace than us as well. the only area where women are doing better than men are in government jobs. we've added jobs there where men have lost, but you have to remember we have a lot of government jobs being cut as well. suzanne? >> so men still don't have a higher unemployment rate. explain the disconnect here. >> actually, men do have the higher unemployment rate, they do. unemployment rate for adult men is 9.1%. the rate for adult women is at 8%, and here's why. during the recession men were hit much harder. we saw the construction manufacturing areas, those jobs were just obliterated during the recession and those are traditionally men-oriented structures. they lost more jobs during the recession than women did. >> so the idea of women struggling during the recovery, does that normally happen?
8:28 am
has that happened in the past? >> that's a good question, but what we're going through is not normal. historically, women fare better than men in economic recoveries. we saw this during recoveries in the '70s, the '80s, the '90s, but this recession was the biggest since world war ii. all bets are off, we're in new territory. we can't compare it to the past so we're sort of building new trends with this recovery from the recession. suzanne? >> allison, thanks for breaking that down and explaining it to us. here's your choice for today's choose the news. a one-man protest is drawing attention to a building boom in china. he is not willing to give up his home even though all of his neighbors have left. second a study over nine years found a hedge fund managed by women outproduce those run by men, yet women run only 3% of all hedge funds in the united states. we talk to one of the best at picking stocks.
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the final harry potter movie is out in theaters. there are no more books out but still a lot planned for harry potter fans. so 1, china's building boom, 2, the money pro, and 3, harry potter's story. the winning story will air next break. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'?
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here's a rundown on some of the stories we are working on. next, a juror in the casey anthony trial tells us what she was thinking when she weighed the evidence. then we take you live to a new york bar as soccer fans get excited over today's finals in france. in about 15 minutes, the president's fundraising for his campaign. how that weighs against the republicans. she's being sued. texas equusearch wants to recover its costs from trying to find her daughter caylee. the firm wants $115,000 in
8:33 am
damages. they say casey knew her daughter was dead and intentionally misled the search teams. juror number 3 talked to cnn's gary tuckman about why they did not convict. >> you told me the original vote for aggravated manslaughter was 6-6. >> correct. >> which side of the six were you on? >> the manslaughter. >> originally you thought she was guilty of manslaughter or could be. >> could be, and i wanted to investigate it further to see if it fit based on the evidence we were given. >> so what convinced you to switch your votes and vote for not guilty? >> i think everybody will tell you the same thing, it was just lack of clear evidence. the duct tape and things, there is a lot of doubt surrounding
8:34 am
those things so there's not a lot to make it stick. >> so you don't necessarily think she's innocent, but you didn't have enough proof to find her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. >> right, i don't know either way t. hasn't been proven she's innocent, but it hasn't been proven she's guilty. >> the defense in their opening statement said casey's father repeatedly molested her and the reason she kept her child's drowning a secret. do you believe she was molested and that's why she hid the story? >> there was no evidence, and it was never substantiated. >> the judge said you cannot bring this up in your closing arguments, defense, because you didn't present any evidence about it. >> i wish he hadn't brought it up. he painted a very graphic and disgusting picture, and if you're going to do that, back it up, and if you can't back it up, don't put that picture in people's minds.
8:35 am
no one wants to see that. >> and the only evidence that was presented about a drowning were pictures of caylee climbing into the pool with her grandmother near a screen door which her grandmother testified she couldn't open. it's pretty flimsy evidence at best, and i wonder if you think there was a possibility she could have drowned. was there any evidence that convinced you of that? >> there's no evidence that convinced me of that, no. >> so what a casual juror might say is how could you find her not guilty of murder? >> the defense brought charges. they have to prove their evidence with those charges, they can validate bringing those charges, that a crime was committed. >> so you didn't believe the central points that the defense told you, but you felt the prosecution didn't have enough evidence to convict? >> they had good, strong circumstantial evidence, but it was circumstantial and there wasn't one strong piece of evidence that said something
8:36 am
definitively. every piece of evidence said this and that way. there were many different ways you could go with every different piece of evidence. >> casey anthony is said to get out of jail on sunday, that after a not guilty verdict that shocked a lot of folks. defense attorney and former prosecutor holly hughes. she joins us in atlanta. you were one of them, we know. first of all, holly, can casey anthony be held responsible legally in any way to reimburse the search and rescue team that went out to look for her dead daughter? >> actually, she can, because basically what she did was committed fraud against them, suzanne. she knew the baby was dead based on the defense, her attorney, jose baez, put forth during that trial. he stood up and said on june 16 of 2008, the baby drowned in the pool. she was never missing. well, then when you contacted texas equusearch and you let them spend all that money that could have been spent on other missing children. and that's the big thing here. it's not about the money,
8:37 am
suzanne. it's about the 40 other families that were calling texas equusearch at the time and saying, can you look for our missing child, and they said no, because we're working on the anthony case. >> what about the sheriff's statement? the sheriff said when she is released, there is not going to be any kind of preferential treatment and they're not going to provide security for her once she leaves, but a lot of people have said, including herself, that she's in danger, she could be a target of threats. how do they handle that? >> what they're going to do is honestly try to keep her safe while she is in their custody, and once she's released, they have no duty to her anymore unless, of course, they get a 911 call from her or there's a valid threat, then they'll go and make sure she's fine. but they are a public police force. they are the taxpayer's people, so they're not a private security force. they don't have any contract with her, they have no duty beyond the duty they owe to all citizens to protect her. so honestly, they can't wait to get her out of the custody because she is receiving
8:38 am
threats. her parents have received death threats. and folks need to just calm down at this point. i don't agree with the verdict, but i'm certainly not going to go out and take pot shots at a juror or the defendant, because the system worked like the system is supposed to work, and people need to channel that energy into positive reform. >> good advice there. do we still think she's going to be released on sunday as they've announced, or do you think they're going to try to sneak around in some way before then? >> i think they're going to try to sneak her out. it may be 3:00 in the morning. >> why? >> because they don't want that mad rush, had he don't want the press up in there. what that does is create more of a dangerous situation for them. they don't know who all is press. if you've got 50 people running at you with cameras, who is to say there is not a vigilante in that crowd trying to take things in their own hands? she's been acquitted on the most serious charges.
8:39 am
when she walks out of there, she will be out on the conviction of the lying, so the less people around, the better. look at the princess diana thing. she was chased by paparazzi and ends up dead. so they're thinking, we don't want her on our watch. let's get her quietly out of our custody and she's on her own. >> thank you very much. 20 women compared the stress levels they're under and they got some interesting results. what country do you think had the most stressed out women? these are the choices: united states, india, sweden or china. the answer straight ahead. to keep in balance after 50,
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so where in the world do the most stressed-out women live? what did you guess? united states, india, sweden or china? the answer is india. i'm surprised. i thought it was going to be the
8:43 am
united states. we're so stressed. a nielsen study ranked 21 countries and found that women in fast-growing economies like india are the most stressed because they're joining the work force in greater numbers, they're contributing more to the household income. but at home they're still playing a traditional role doing most of the household chores. the u.s. ranks halfway down the list, coming in at number 12. sweden has the least stressed-out women surveyed. we're not so stressed out after all. it's a good thing. women's soccer grabbing sports fans all over the country. the usa is the team expected to win and win it all. richard in new york with more. the last time we saw anything in women's sports was 1999, the women won the cup can, mia hamm became a household name?
8:44 am
>> it's a big match between the u.s. and france, thus i'm in a bar called the australian. with me are a couple women very interested in this match. natalie smith, what are your thoughts looking forward to the french contest? >> i think it will be a really good game. france plays a good game but in the end we're going to win. >> what about the brazil game? did you have a heart attack? >> i did. i think the police were almost called on me, i was yelling so loud in my apartment. >> so even if they lose today, you're still flying? >> definitely. >> you play with a sports team part-time. what should the viewers look for in this match? >> i think there is so much pressure on the united states to win because after all that excitement against brazil, if they don't go on to win the world cup, it will be almost forgotten. >> eileen and natalie, thank you very much. the match is starting soon, usa
8:45 am
against france. suzanne, back to you. >> richard, the last game was awesome. people were shouting and cheering, it was fantastic to watch. what do they have to do to beat france today, do you think? >> well, i think they've got to keep up the enthusiasm level and hopefully for the u.s. team be able to stay focused enough. look, they've beaten france a lot. six shutouts in 12 matches, but the world has caught up with the usa team, i think. >> what about those capes? i notice she's wearing a flag for a cape there. are you going to wear something special yourself? >> no, no. we stay neutral. i don't know, we're a global network at times, but i'm just hoping not to get a beer spilled on my head if they score. >> okay, richard. i'm not neutral. i'm rooting for team usa. sounds great. looks like a lot of great fans there. thanks again, richard. a reminder of choosing stories today. you can vote for the one you'd like to see. one man refusing to move out of
8:46 am
his house to protest what he calls out of control construction. two, for the money pro, one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the country also happens to be a woman. or three, harry potter's future. what's ahead for fans now that the final film will air. winner coming up next hour.
8:47 am
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8:48 am
a republican presidential candidate refuses to sign a controversial pledge. part of the best political team from the political desk in washington. hey, shannon. which candidate are we talking
8:49 am
about? >> hey there, suzanne. we're talking about mitt romney. the republican presidential candidate says he will not sign this controversial pledge from a conservative iowa group called the family leader. i want to read a quote from romney's campaign. quote, romney strongly supports traditional marriage but he felt this pledge contained references and provisions that were undignified and inappropriate for a presidential campaign. now, you'll probably remember that in this pledge, the pledge is about basically marriage is between a man and a woman, but there was a pree am bell in this pledge that said black women born into slavery were probably better off. that has been removed from this pledge. michelle bachmann and another candidate signed this pledge but they distanced themselves from it. >> so it was okay for michelle
8:50 am
balkman as well as the president? >> the rise continues for michelle bachmann. she's been topping a lot of polls and in this one she does the same thing. there's a new one from the university. michelle bachmann holding study and michele bachmann is up 14%, and that's up from a similar poll in june. we know the two of those last two are not officially running but considering it. president obama in head to head match-ups in the same poll, he tops them all. obama/romney, obama/palin, and good news for bachmann rising. cnn
8:51 am
with unemployment more than 9%, we talk about how to make your resume stand out. but that's not the only thing we're reviewing. alison, i did not know people still had cover letters. i thought it was all e-mail. tell us about it. >> i hear you. you can write a letter, and cover letters are just as important as the resume if you want to land an interview or job. we spoke with the ceo of job bound, and he said that everybody ends up writing the same cover letter with the four same paragraphs. boring. suzanne? >> i guess boring, but sounds standard. what is wrong with outlining those four things? >> most hiring managers spend
8:52 am
ten seconds looking at your resume and less time looking at your cover letter. make it interesting, suzanne. >> what should it looks like? a good one. >> it should have an interesting hook, tell a story, and that story should tie into why you would be great for the job. it should be personal. you want to make it short and concise, too. don't ramble off. >> alison, good things you should know. alison is going to take a look at summer cover letter mistakes that you should avoid after the break. [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone --
8:53 am
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8:55 am
we're back with alison kosik talking about landing a good job. it's important, and a lot of people make mistakes when they write cover letters. what can they do to avoid that? >> well, just remember what a bad cover letter is. it's painfully long is a bad cover letter. they will not spend time on one person when they are shifting through so many applications. put in your letter personal and interesting information without going on and on. and make yours original and
8:56 am
standout. and then another common mistake is to put the same information on your cover letter as your resu resume. >> if you know somebody, should you drop your name in the cover letter, is that a good idea? >> sure, may as well pull all the punches you can. >> appreciate it. rodney king busted again for allegedly drunk driving 20 years after the infamous police beating. last time. [ engine turns over ] oooohhhh...sweet. [ male announcer ] the chevy cruze with the my chevrolet app. the remote control car is finally here. well, now she's just playing with us.
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rodney king has been busted again on dui charges. he was pulled over yesterday in southern california after police saw him commit several trial violat he made national he made national headlines in 1991 when he was beaten by four police officers. that beating was caught on the officers were the officers were arrested but the their acquittal their acquittal triggered a riot that lasted four days and left 50 people dead. king spoke to don lemon. >> if you could do it all over again what would you do? >> i would have stayed home.
9:00 am
>> for years after the beating, rodney king continued to have run-ins with the law. he was arrested several times on charges related to domestic abuse, drug intoxication and indecent exposure. >> why after all that, rodney, are you still getting in >> i >> i guess the trouble that they see me in is part of my life that i'm working on. >> and 20 years later, rodney king still lives in fear. >> years after the beating, you wore a vest? >> yeah. >> do you still wear a vest? >> yeah, i do. it's the top of the hour. i want to get you up to speed. three bombs shake mumbai, india.
9:01 am
the explosions happens during rush hour putting the entire city on edge. terrorists carried out an assault in 2008 killing close to 170 people. >> there's fear on the street. in the moment, people are waiting to find out how many have been injured and how many casual nobody is nobody is speculating at who might be behind the attacks. it's still too early, and they are just focusing on getting people to hospitals and out of the areas and making sure that mumbai is safe. and then murdoch dropped the bid to buy the journal.
9:02 am
revelations the "news of the world" tabloid hacked the cell phone of a murdered girl giving her parents false hope. her parents say they are happy with the wide-ranging investigation set into most. >> the prime minister has announced a full judge-led inquiry, and they are pleased that politicians for all three parties have reacted so quickly in response to the outrage of the public and respect not only of many but all the victims of such unlawful practices by the press. the president the president and leaders of congress meet again today looking for a deal to cut the deficit and raise the debt ceiling. after days of after days of negotiations,
9:03 am
there is little there is little movement to speak of. a key republican is offering a backup plan, just in case to keep the government out of default. it it gives president obama to raise the borrowing limit in increments.+++wn the task force says u.s. nuclear plant operate yaurz need to learn from the disaster that hit japan. that means plants should rethink earthquake and flood protection and upgrade. the panel says nuclear plants must be able to operate on backup generators for longer than anticipated. and new medical problems for anthony. she is scheduled to be released
9:04 am
from jail on sunday. >> i think everybody will tell you the same thing, it's lack of hard evidence. like i said, the duct tape and chloroform and things like that, if you took a good, hard look at it you could kind of -- there was a lot of doubt surrounding those certain things, and so there's not enough to make anything stick. >> the body of former first lady betty ford will be flown to michigan this hour. you're looking at live pictures in palm desert, california. friends and family honored mrs. ford yesterday. there will be a second service in grand rapids, michigan, when mrs. ford will be buried next to her husband. the u.s. soccer team is taking on france this hour in a world cup semifinal.
9:05 am
the u.s. team has never lost to france. the women could face either sweden or japan for the world cup championship on sunday. rupert rupert murdoch's empire is under fire. and they dropped a bid to buy a british television station. >> i think this has been the right decision. this company needs to sort out the problems at the news of the world, and that must be the priority, and so the right decision. but also the right but also the right decision for the country, too. now we have to get on with the work with the police investigation i set up today. >> dan rivers in london with the latest. how much how much of this do we think the deal fell through because of
9:06 am
financial reasons or public pressure from the parliament as well as others who are not happy with what has gone on? >> reporter: no, it's completely about the public pressure and financ just before they just before they announced this, the house of commons behind me, the british parliament here was about to have a debate about whether the take over should be able to go ahead. an unprecedented amount of unanimity inside thejfu here. everybody opposed to the takeover being approved, and that's perhaps why rupert murdoch pulled out of this. >> we're looking at live pictures of the debate going on. tell us what it would mean if that deal went through, owning
9:07 am
bskyb? >> "news of the world" has been closed down, but they have "the sun," which is another tabloid newspaper here, and "the times of london," and that has a great reputation and "the sunday times" as well. if he got bskyb, that would include a news channel in addition to all of his american holdings and things like fox, and the new york post and the wall street journal. he would have had massive amounts of the media market h e here, and that's what people were so concerned about. >> dan rivers, thank you. here's a look at what is
9:08 am
ahead on the rundown. has the president and top lawmakers try to hash out a deal on the economy. the stars of reality "sister wives," are challenging the anti-bigamy law. we'll take a look at that case. >> the cost of the education in california just got deeper. republican presidential candidate, michele bachmann, and her husband run a christian counseli counseling. counseling. if a parent let's a child
9:09 am
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[ male announcer ] time to check your air conditioning? come to meineke now and get a free ac system check and a free cooler with paid ac service. meineke. we have the coolest customers. just in, just in, we're told the u.s. woman's team for the semifinals for the world cup just scored against france. we're in the lead and excited. we'll keep you updated on what is happening with that game. but team usa just scored its first goal. a reminder for today's chases for choose the news.
9:12 am
o we follow one woman who we follow one woman who may be one of the best at picking stocks. third, the final third, the final "harry potter"z no more books coming out but still a lot planned for harry potter fans. vote by 22360. "1" for china's building boom, or "2" for the money pro, and "3" for "harry potter." why is the fight over the debt ceiling so important? carlos is here to break it down for us. there are a lot of numbers here. what is this meant to accomplish here? what do they hope to do? >> we have had to raise the debt ceiling time and time again. they are trying to look at it.
9:13 am
we have almost $14.3 trillion in the debt. that's where the ceiling is set now, and it's maxed out. we have to raise the credit limit, if we don't, we can't pay our bills. >> republicans are not going to allow the debt ceiling to be raised until they get a deal, some sort of deal. they do not want tax increases. >> that's right. and there are a couple ways where you can reach an agreement on this as far as the debt is concerned. one of them is to cut spending or the other, you can raise taxes. now, there's a philosophical divide where things are getting ugly. republicans say they don't want to see taxes go up for everybody. their argument is tax hikes are job killers and they signed a pledge saying they are not going to do it.
9:14 am
the president wants cuts in spending and tax hikes in order to lower the debt as much as possible. the president wants to raise taxes for people making over $250,000 a year, and he wants their tax levels to go back before the bush era tax cuts, and that could raise $700 million over the next decade. and then close loopholes for buyers of corporate jets and gas companies. that could add up to $50 billion over the next decade. and that would add up to what the president hopes would be $4 trillion over the next ten years in debt reduction. republicans say not a chance. they don't want to raise taxes. they're telling the president to forget about the $750 billion in taxes, and focus on spending
9:15 am
cuts. the problem here is, time is running out. these two sides have until august 2nd to come up with a way to raise the debt ceiling. >> and so it could be disastrous for our country. mitch mcconnell seems to be offering a plan b, if you will. >> he is trying to come up with a plan that says we're not going to see eye on eye but somebody has to blink. mcconnell is saying we should allow the president to raise the debt kraeling on his own, and save the economy from a possible collapse and worry about the debt after the next election when mcconnell is hoping a republican would be in office. the catch is president obama would have to raise the debt ceiling in three stages totaling up to $2.5 trillion there. >> what would have to happen in
9:16 am
order for that deal to go through? >> well, it's simply complicated if that makes any sense at all. you have to have two-thirds of each chamber of congress. that's going to be a hard vote to get. there are not any easy outs here, and somebody is walking out of the negotiations with mud on their face. >> hopefully we get all of this revolved by august 2nd. now to the fierce, and we're talking fierce summer heat that is gripping a huge portion of our country. we want to bring in chad myers. this is heat that you and i talked about over the week. this is dangerous heat, dangerously hot. >> the problem is, again, temperatures didn't go down overnight, so what you would think about opening up your windows and letting in nice, cool air, that didn't happen. when you opened up your windows, you got it down to 85. that was it. no cool air anywhere across the
9:17 am
deep south. 89, in nashville. that's better. there's a slight cold front that went through. and they're happening they got cooler air into chicago, and lows tonight will be pleasant. when you open up the windows here and get nice, cool air, that's better, when you open up the windows in dallas and it's 81 that doesn't help at all. temperatures across the northeast tomorrow warmer than today. new york, pleasant. and the deep south, here is a shot from centennial olympic park. you can see the olympic rings. in the rings are little fountains, and the kids love to get in the fountains and stay cool, and when i was a kid running through the sprinkler was the way to stay cool, and if you can get yourself to a pool, get out there and get water on you and stay away from all the
9:18 am
asphalt. i saw somebody at 4:30 in the afternoon jogging, and i thought i hope you are training for a triathlon, otherwise you need to be inside the house. the air quality is not all that good because the wined is not moving around, and so wait until 7:00 or 8:00 before you go outside and do something st strenuous. today's going to be a hot today. heat index across parts of the south is 115. >> you probably saw me running out there. >> was that you? >> it could have been me. i will wait now until 7:00. the motorcade carrying the l body of betty ford is making its body of betty ford is making its way to the airport.... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs.
9:19 am
9:20 am
9:21 am
a motorcade carrying the body of former first lady, betty ford, is now on its way to a california airport for a special ceremony. afterwards she will be flown to michigan for a private service tonight. sandra endo is in palm desert now. who do we expect to attend the ceremony at the airport? >> reporter: we saw family members arrive at the church half an hour ago. they went inside and had private time inside the church before her casket was moved. as you mentioned, it's going to palm springs international airport. later her remains will be transported to grand rapids,
9:22 am
michigan, which will be her final resting ground. yesterday was the public tribute for the former first lady. >> she was the tallest advocate for those struggling, those struggling alone and ashamed to seek help, and it was a privilege working with her to bring addiction problems into the light. >> reporter: the ceremony today only includes family members and invited guests. >> want to go over to ted rollins who is in grand rapids. if you can set the scene for us. >> reporter: yeah, suzanne. tonight and tomorrow, you know, the fords, after the presidency were from michigan.
9:23 am
she's going to arrive here with her family at about 5:15. they will have a small ceremony here. and following that small ceremony at the museum, she will lie in repose into the eve neng zpoent early tomorrow morning, and then that's when the public is welcome to come here. gerald ford died in 2007, and over 60,000 people came to grand rapids to pay respect. they are expected tens of thousands to come tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow there will be a private funeral service here in grand rapids. bill clinton is expected, and the rumsfelds, and then betty ford will be brought back here one final time, and she will be laid to rest next to her husband gerald ford, ironically on what would have been his 97th birthday. >> thank you, ted. any parent knows the price
9:24 am
of education is pretty high, but now get ready foreign more sticker stock. california state university schools are raising their prices, and by a lot. and that school is not alone. alison, let's start with california state. tell us what is happening? >> cal state just announcing a 12% tuition hike for the upcoming here. and previously there was a 10% hike. so if you are a full time student, that's $1,000 more than you paid last year. why is that this happening? because of the state budget cuts. california is giving cal state university $2 billion, but it happens to be the lowest level of state funding in more than a decade, and that's the reason why you will see the big tuition hikes. >> do you think it will be enough? >> that's what is frustrating, because it may not be.
9:25 am
if it's not enough, tuition could go up in the coming years or they have to cut costs, they cut enrollment, and laid off professors. universities in arizona and pennsylvania and florida have also raised tuition. >> stocks rallying quite well at this hour. what do we know about that? >> we are seeing a rebound in stocks. the dow is up 150 points. the nasdaq, better by 41. and the fed is willing to offer up more stimulus. and the pace of the recovery is is that correct expected to pick up as the year goes on. >> thank you, alison. the stars of the tv reality show "sister wives" are
9:26 am
challenging the anti-bigamy law. we will look at the case. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing.
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9:28 am
here's a rundown on some of the stories we're working on
9:29 am
next. they are sister wives in their own reality show. now the polygamist family is challenging utah to recognize their marriage. how far can that get? >> michele bachmann faces questions about her husband that runs a counseling clinic that tries to change gays. a man accused of killing six people in tucson and injured giffords, he cannot be forced to take medications. sonny, the government hoped medications would make loughner competent to stand trial. why is the court letting him off the hook here? >> well, it's interesting.
9:30 am
the court found him incompetent to stand trial on may 25th, and a private administrative hearing was held inside the prison without a lawyer and that hearing found loughner was a danger to himself and others and thus needed to be medicated. and defense said that was a rouse and it was to try and make him stand trial. now the federal court of appeals says we will extend the injunction, and we're not going to force him to take the meds and let the legal process, that challenge to the alleged rouse take its course. i will say this does not mean that loughner will not be forced to take medication to make him competent, it just means the
9:31 am
legal challenge has to take its course. >> what do we expect to see in the case? will he eventually face justice? >> i think so. there are two ways to force somebody to take medications, and one is the administrative hearing and the other is to have a court hearing. what the federal appeals court will be held, and once that is held i can't imagine that he will be forced to take medication. in another case generating interest is the family challenging the state of utah's anti-bigamy law. do they have a legal leg to stand on in this? >> you know, it's a very interesting case, because they are not even necessarily asking the state to finds polygamy legal. what they are doing is asking
9:32 am
the state to stay out of their lives, and they are piggy backing on a supreme court case that said that states can't be involved in the intimacies that the couple has in their home. that's a strange way to legalize polygamy. this is a case, however, suzanne, that i think we will perhaps see in front of the supreme court because that is where, you know, these sorts of issues are really best decided. so this is going to be a very long, long case. we're not going to see a decision made in this, i suspected, for several years. >> thank you very much. interesting and fascinating cases. don't forget to choose the news. vote by texting 22360. text "1" for china's building boom. a man in beijing refused to move
9:33 am
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9:36 am
a kristin clinic run by michele bachmann and her husband is now under scrutiny. the counseling service appears to announce that gays and lesbians could change their sexual orientation through religious-based therapy. >> reporter: in her campaign for president, michele bachmann touts her background as a small business owner. >> as a mom of five, and a foster parent and a former lawyer and a small business job creator -- >> that business is bachmann & associates, a christian counseling service run by her husband, marcus. in recent years the clinic faced
9:37 am
accusations that encourages gay and lesbian patients to change their sexual orientation. back in 2004, andrew ramirez turned to them to talk about his own sexuality. he was skeptical about what was told to him. >> it was therapy that wanted to obtain turning from homosexual to straight. >> he said if you do this, what, you wouldn't be gay any more? >> if i did this and worked the therapy program, and god would work a miracle and i could no longer be gay. >> he was told he would be mentored by an ex-lesbian minister, and if none of that worked, the counselor had another idea. >> reporter: he suggested to you what?
9:38 am
>> not acting out on my same-sex attractions and living a life of celibacy. >> that was an alternative to being gay. >> he told his mother he wanted to stop. >> i could hear his voice quivering, and i said, you know, andy if you are good with being gay, then i am too. >> the american psychological association is sharply critical of what is known as repairtive therapy, saying there is insufficient evidence to support the use of these things to chan change. >> what do you say to christian parents that come up with this? >> i think you clearly say what is the understanding of god's word on homosexually, and i
9:39 am
think that this is no mystery that a child or preadolescence, particularly adolescence will question and wonder. there is that curiosity. but, again, we -- like, you know, it is as if we have to understand barbarians need to be educated, they need to be disciplined and just because somebody feels it or thinks it doesn't mean that we're supposed to go down that road. >> back in 2006, bachmann denied his practice telling a minneapolis newspaper that's a false statement and said if somebody is interested in talking to us about their homosexually, we're open to talking about. if somebody comes in homosexual and wants to stay homosexual, i don't have a problem with that.
9:40 am
>> this week, a gay rights group released a video after a person took this. >> in the full five sessions captured, while the counselor suggests homosexually could be treated, he concedes he's not an expert on the subject. michele bachmann has a long history of controversial views on sexuality. in 2004 she called for an amendment to block gay marriages. >> if we allow this to happen,
9:41 am
group marriage and polygamy and things worst may not be far behind. >> her campaign released a statement to cnn that says the bachmanns are in no position, either klee, legally, or morally to discuss specific koeshcourse treatment. >> is it something conducted at that center? >> well i am running for the presidency of the united states. and i am here today to talk about job creation and also the fact that we do have a business that deals with job creation. we're very proud of the business that we created. >> the latest poll shows michele bachmann has a serious shot at winning the caucuses.
9:42 am
drr dr. drew weighs in on the counseling of changing a person's sexual orientation. >> the treatments are legitimate. for instance, when i talked to the guys that have been through these treatments or use them, they're talking about trauma treements and trauma therapies, and that's a legitimate thing to do if they had trauma, and if you use it as a goal of changing a sexual preference, now you have gone off the rail. it was not correct. it's not a pathology. there's nobody in established medicine that believes it is. >> you interviewed a lot of people who have gone through the treatment and i interviewed people who have gone through the treatment, and even the ones that claim that they are no longer gay, when you really push
9:43 am
them, they will admit that every day they still have the fantasies and thoughts, but they are forcing themselves on what to act on what appears to be their natural inclination. >> and that has been my experience as well. and the fact is, it's what you are describing, it's living a life not consistent with their biology and who they are. i am saying having choices might have a very significantly negative impact on people and we need to take a look at that. >> a harvard study shed new light on severely obese children. they are proposing a plan to save them. and make it happen.
9:44 am
i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ shapiro ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side.
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and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. the authors of a harvard university study say in some cases severely obese children may have to be taken away from their parents into state custody to save their lives. our senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen is here, and we were talking about this during the break. it seems like an extreme idea, but what is the thinking behind this? >> i have to say, i have been reading articles about childhood obesity for two decades now, and this is a radical notion for what to do about childhood obesity, and everybody agrees it's a problem.
9:47 am
it's the biggest proposal here. >> what has been the response to this suggestion? >> there has been a real outcry. some people support what the researchers are saying, and others say wait a second, it's not the parents fault these children are heavy, and getting somebody to lose weight is extremely difficult. well-meaning smart people have trouble losing weight themselves let alone getting a child to lose weight, and who is to say a child would be better off with a foster parent. they still live in the same world, with junk food and kids stay inside and play inside on computer games and not outside. >> can they do this legally? can they take a child from their parent and put them in a foster care situation?
9:48 am
>> a state would be on relatively shaky ground if they took an obese child and against the parents' wishes put them into foster care. the standard has been if you take a child away under dire circumstances. the parents are beating the child and the child is in danger, or if the child has diabetes and the parents refuse to give them their insulin, and then obesity, they are not necessarily in imminent danger. it would be tough to do this from a legal point of view, but you have to wonder if we are headed in that direction given how bad the situation is. >> thank you. suddenly, everybody is talking about women's soccer. no wonder u.s. women's team is in the final four playing right now.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
one-half down and one to go in the world's soccer match. the u.s. is up 1-nil right now. a win means they play in the finals this weekend. the team captured the nation's attention with a last-minute tying goal against brazil. they won the game on penalty kicks. i got a chance to see some of that and it was very excited. now all eyes are glued to tv sets in sports bars across the country. fans are there to root usa. what is it like, richard? >> reporter: no doubt, still french supporters in the united
9:52 am
states, and somehow they got in. and let's listen to the fan reaction here in the australian bar in manhattan. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the fans here gathered to really follow-up on the biggest win you talk about sunday against brazil last-minute tying the match. what were your reactions and how is that helping the u.s. team today? >> they are doing very well. they're up 1-0, so it's great. >> you played soccer. what do you think of the way the u.s. is playing? >> i would like to have them keep more possession. they need to relax a little on the ball and keep possession and counter attack and get another goal. >> do you think the win on sunday, the big rally helped to
9:53 am
draw more viewers to the sport, or will they peter out and be four more years of ignorance in women's soccer? >> i hope they will not peter out. >> thank you. we have been talking all day to women. how about some men. you are australian, but rooting for the united states. why are you watching women's soccer? >> why not. we love sports in australia, and have been living here many years. >> reporter: is there something in the game where you notice the way women play? is there less faking of injuries, any comparison in the two squads? >> based on the first half, we were talking about how fast-paced it is. it has been really fast. there is a great goal.
9:54 am
i am very impressed by their skill level. i don't watch a lot of women's soccer, and i love soccer, and the men's world cup, and i am very impressed here. >> reporter: going to watch more? >> why not. go usa. >> reporter: there was a near goal that hit the post. it's 1-nil, as we say in the soccer community. >> we're looking with great anticipation. the choose your news story moments away.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
time for your news choose the news winner. hairy potter fans, a lot plans for the fans. >> reporter: the tag line for this, the final of the eight hairy potter films, it all ends here. that may be the case after self novels, but hairy will live on in the form of a new website coming soon, >> back in 1998, i knew i was generating a lot more material than what would appear in the books. to me at the time, i thought who will ever want to know the significance of all the
9:58 am
different woods. >> potter fans once signed up will answer questions, which will place them in one of the four hog warts houses, and they can have their own potter pages. everything will be free, and it's her way of giving back to fans. >> you don't have to pay to get the extra material, and you don't have to pay a single thing to have the experience you have just seen. >> this site will be the only place to buy potter e books. she never before allowed e books, so they will not be tied to a certain kind of reader. >> there's a big demand for them. what is incredible that the
9:59 am
dinlg stul experience allows you to accompany the reading. >> and, of course, there is the official potter theme park in orlando, florida. and from spring next year, at the harry potter experience tour, it's being built now by cnn sister company, warner brothers. and then there are all of those unofficial tours in london. clearly, potter mania will not disappear among the deathly hollows. if your choice did not win or you want to check out the runners up, we will have the links to them on my facebook. "cnn newsroom" continues with randi kaye. >> we begin th

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